SZR Lipa was founded on 7th June 2005 in Pozega. Working hard, we perfected the furniture production. Then we perfected the production of applications, chairs, bar chairs and armchairs. With our partners, we realize the programme of suites of furniture, built-in kitchens and the other furniture, and we are soon going to start production of rattan furniture.


LIPA has been positioned as a successful and profitable company, based on modern, European principles, using the best business practice.


Our mission is to use the best technical ways to enhance the rising quality of our product, as well as to be updated on the trends in modern design and to apply them on our products.


Our goal is to keep the leading position in the furniture production and interior design services. The ultimate goal is a successful and satisfied client, who knows that our company is his reliable business partner.


We are 180km away from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. We are 2km away from the highway Belgrade-Zlatibor on the road Pozega-Arilje. We are 4km away from the centre of Pozega.

Barska Stolica Lipa